PME-Certified™ Monthly Fee

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PME-Certified® is a game-changer for maintenance sales professionals. It moves you from just "selling" with clients to becoming a trusted agent of strategic planning and service. It gives you the opportunity to truly become a "professional maintenance engineer" and to expertly plan and setup maintenance that provides your customers best performance at whatever budget they operate within.

You get immediate use of the Engineered-Maintenance Program™ (EMP) tasks and times as well as use of SmartHVAC's proprietary maintenance strategy, group coaching, limited and non-exclusive branding (PME only). 

if you are not already employed by an authorized EMP light or full commercial contractor, we can introduce you to one who understands and has adopted EMP in their culture and mode of operation, and is committed to providing the PME full-control, open-book maintenance to its clients.